To know which camera is the best for your shop or home, discuss your concern with our team about your budget and needs. Our team will provide a virtual visit and the quotation.

It can be done on a video call, or by contacting us on 9644144493.

Yes, you can do that with the help of this


  • It’s just an option but not the best option. In case there is no proper option to place the camera outside the window then take technical advice from the team.
  • Contact us for more information! 
  • Without any hesitation


For this, you will mainly need a good internet connection in the area where the camera is

Yes you can if security camera systems are available. Ask one of our security specialists to find out if this cost saving option is right for you.


  • Recordings are stored directly on your Network Video Recorder located onsite at your school. The video and the equipment belong solely to you, with no monthly fees. Some security companies do retain access to your security cameras for service, and even force you to pay a monthly fee for a maintenance plan. At paradise Security solutions, we will never force a maintenance plan on our Client’s or access their cameras without written permission