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Why choose Paradise security solutions.

Paradise security solutions strive to be the leading security camera installer in the city of  Korba through our focus on client service and satisfaction. We believe this can only be achieved by following a set of basic rules:

  • Listening carefully to the clients
  • Provide reliable pricing with no hidden charges or fees
  • Giving professional recommendations
  • lifetime telephonic support
  • Providing a detailed installation report
  • Helping in future challenges
  • Maintaining a good relationship with the client


Virtual Site Visits

Remotely evaluating your systematic needs – We care about the precious time and money of our clients. So we offer virtual site visits to be spent with a surveillance specialist. Virtual site visits help in very easy ways to solve your queries through a mobile webcam (smartphones, laptops, or tablets have them built in) with our specialists. We understand your queries and location without visiting your site. No physical visit is required and the specialist can get started on quoting your project much faster. It’s a win-win situation!

Leaders in Customer Service

Commitment of a company matters the most to the clients relationship. Through our welcome call, we try to understand the specific security needs of our clients to find the perfect and most effective camera service and installations. It is a fast solution for post sales warranty. Paradise Security Solutions offers a friendly and reliable structure. We offer our best CCTV technicians and knowledgeable IT professionals who can solve your complex networking problems and provide all sorts of technical support to your needs.

Lifetime Support for Your System

Paradise Security Solutions offer our clients a wide range of hardware warranty and support options which come in their budget, and we last a lifetime. We provide security camera installations, along with the equipment backed up with a warranty and technical support. We also offer Annual Maintenance Contracts to our clients to bridge a long term relationship with them!

Security camera Installation

Every business, Home, shop, school, factory, warehouse needs a professional surveillance camera installer to protect their assets and workers. Working with the right CCTV installation experts is integral to maximize the return on investment of your security camera system. Our onsite security camera installation team can take you through every step of the process and ensure you will be happy with our business camera solutions. We have experienced security camera technicians on staff. PSS also has a network of professionals who are solution experts all over Korba who collectively have experience with all the most essential aspects of maximizing the value of your security camera installation.
1. Advising
The accurate placement and location of the installation is set by us for your convenience and safety 
2. Location
The accurate placement and location of the installation is set by us for your convenience and safety.
3. Installing
Installation is done promptly, and you are guided through every step.
4. Setting up
The process of setting up is executed with very little margin for error.
5. Maintaining
The maintenance of the installed security camera is thoroughly explained to the customer. 
6. Preserving
Perseverance of the installed camera can be carried through the instruction passed on to the customer by the team


Paradise security solutions sell only top-quality surveillance products to make sure you get the best.



Our utmost priority is the satisfaction of our customers and we guide you through the entire process of installation. 


Assurance of trust

We value the trust that our clients place in us! We make sure that our clients are satisfied and their needs are met.


How it works

Step One

Fill out a quotation request

just feel our quotation request form and one of our project manager  will be in call you shortly if you can’t wait please free to call us at 9111 94 8888 or email us at sales@psskor

Step Two

Our project manager will work with you to understand your needs and budget

our project manager will work with you to understand your needs and budget and prepare a proposal for your security solutions we can install your security system or just provide the hardware and you can install it yourself for installation quotations we will need to perform a site visit we also offer a virtual site visit to save you time by not having to wait for our specialist to come you

Step Three

Now we can update your old system

Get rid of the old and outdated system and acquire the latest and state-of-the-art security system to ascertain the safety of your home and business. 

Step Four

Professionally installation and fast service

Installation usually starts within a week or two of the quotation approval. In case of urgency, some exceptions allow the process to fasten. The time taken for installations depends on the size. Our team provides training on how to use the system. We make sure to address your quotations and concerns. If at any time you are dissatisfied with your installation team, kindly provide feedback. 

What We Offer

Optimal security solutions that you can trust! Our name is known for our reliable services, quality products.

Reliable Services

Get the most reliable services at paradise security solution.

Optimal Security

The best optimal security solutions ensure that you and your valuables are protected.

Lifetime Support

We provide trust along with security solutions, you have our support for a lifetime.

Quality Product

Our products are the epitome of quality and functionality, get the best quality products.

The Relevance of Paradise Security Solutions.
We strive to be the leading security installer in the city of Korba by providing products to people so that their lives are more secure!
  • ptz-camera
    Shop - Your precious goods are not stolen from customers.
  • ptz-camera
    Schools - Your children are safe even when they are away from you.
  • ptz-camera
    Warehouse - Your cargo and shipments are all secure and concealed.
  • ptz-camera
    Plants - Your industrial and chemical plants are always under supervision.
  • ptz-camera
    Hospitals - Your medical equipment and resources is always safe.
  • ptz-camera
    Factories - Your company's on ground manufacturing is under supervision.
  • ptz-camera
    Residential - Your living and residing area is safe from criminals and thieves.
  • ptz-camera
    Pounds - Your animals and pets aren't stolen away or beaten.
  • ptz-camera
    Jewelers - Your expensive jewelry is always under supervision to prevent robbery.
  • ptz-camera
    Apartments - Your home and personal space is always monitored to catch thieves and offenders.

Paradise Security Solutions



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